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Why Minify Your JavaScript & jQuery Code?

It's simple really, speed is everything for websites, espsecially now there is a growing number of mobile device users loading websites on iPads, iPhones & Samsung Galaxy's etc... So here a a few reasons why you should consider minifying your js code.

  1. Online compress js to make your website load faster as the .js files are guarenteed to be smaller in size!.
  2. Online minify js code with and bundle all your jQuery files and the jQuery library into 1 file.
  3. Online js minifer to stop people from directly copying your js code.
  4. Online jQuery minifer as 80% of the user response waiting time is spent at the front-end.
  5. Online mini js to make you look more professional, all the big boys are doing it!.
  6. Online compact js files together to reduce the number of HTTP requests the browser has to make.

If you're interested in learning some jQuery then check out some free jQuery Plugins to get yourself started. They are listed into categories so you can find the plugin your looking for in seconds!